Onagawa, Japan


Yamahon, the leading supplier of fresh saury fish in Japan integrated DeepChill® into its entire process. System is designed to generate and store DeepChill® for distribution and use on demand at the DeepChill® filing stations along the processing and packing line.

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Fresh fish chilling and packing

Integrating a DeepChill® system into their entire operations enabled Yamahon Corporation to stand out from the competition with its premium quality saury fish.


Greater market share

As a result of using DeepChill®, Yamahon was able to gain substantial market share and, with extended shelf life, reach untapped markets. The company now exports its Grade A fresh saury to the Korean market.

Premium brand

The company introduced a new line of DeepChilled® Fresh saury brand to the market that sold faster and at 10-15% premium. Yamahon also introduced this new brand by direct shipment to clients, bypassing the distribution chain as DeepChill® now enabled the company to ensure its own cold chain, resulting in higher margins.

Operational growth

Since 1999, the company has grown its operations five time and the DeepChill® system was expanded each time to accommodate that growth. After the town was destroyed by a tsunami in 2011, Yamahon built a state-of-the-art facility that again embraced the DeepChill® technology.

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