DeepChill for Shrimp

The moment it dies, the shrimp’s enzymes and bacteria attack it, deteriorating it very quickly, and making immediate preservation all the more important. Shrimp is also very sensitive to fluctuations in storage temperature, meaning that rapid cooling coupled with the consistent maintenance of a low temperature is extremely important to quality. The use of a DeepChill ice slurry system can achieve these two goals.

Harvesting & Processing

At harvest time, shrimp can be pumped directly into insulated totes half filled with DeepChill slurry. Shrimp at 24-28°C can be chilled to -2°C in less than 5 minutes in the totes. The consistent and uniform chilling eliminates hot spots that exist when packing with other forms of ice.

  • Pre-filling the totes with DeepChill – no manual icing is required, minimizing the number of workers needed to harvest the pond, thereby reducing labour costs
  • Shrimp is suspended in slurry – breakage and bruising is reduced, increasing sale price
  • All shrimp suspended – eliminates the issue that occurs in traditional practice of layer icing that results in bottom layer being crushed, causing juices to be released – thereby increasing yield
  • Storage and transportation in totes of DeepChill prevents damage and maintains freshness, but also clients report up to a 20% gain in selling price and yield increase of 2-3%

Shrimp is very sensitive to fluctuations in storage temperature making the maintenance of a consistent ideal temperature during storage paramount to ensuring top quality. Using DeepChill to store shrimp results in a product that is deeper in colour and firmer, with each shrimp being uniform in appearance and integrity. The deep, uniform colour from shrimp to shrimp indicate a high-quality product with no decay, and are an indication of the evenness of cooling and the quality of chilling provided by DeepChill while in storage. Clients have reported increasing shelf life by 30-50%, and higher pack-out of head-on Grade A shrimp.

Project Profile: Onboard Shrimp Harvesting, Canada


Canadian seafood processor Quinlan Brothers Ltd was looking to ensure the consistency and quality of their shrimp in order to win market share in the demanding European market.


Quinlan knows that top quality is achieved right from the moment that shrimp is pulled from the water, so they installed a DeepChill system onboard the OSC Mariner. Sunwell worked closely with them to customize a system that would rapidly chill and preserve shrimp in an efficient way, allowing them to land a consistent high quality product.


The quality of the shrimp cooled in DeepChill far surpassed their expectations. Project manager Brian Collier stated, “Upon vessel landing, even the freshest shrimp is typically 24-36 hours old, but the colour of the shell of the DeepChilled shrimp is similar to the quality of the shrimp landed hours old. Compared to a trip using flake ice for the same fishing period, the quality of the DeepChilled shrimp is two days better in colour, freshness, firmness, and taste. The DeepChill system enables the OSC Mariner to fish for two to three days longer if catch rates are lower and shrimp are scarce. With high fuel prices and trips taking 48 hours, the DeepChill system makes our fishing trip more affordable.”