DeepChill for Seafood

Sunwell introduced DeepChill systems to the seafood industry in 1982, and has been advancing and improving client operations and product quality ever since. DeepChill is used worldwide to cool fish species, from oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, and trout, to whitefish such as cod, hake, and tilapia.

For seafood processors, DeepChill slurry equals faster chilling, higher grade product and longer shelf life. Seafood is highly perishable – as soon as fish are pulled from the water, they begin to break down. When not immediately or properly preserved, spoilage and decreased product quality occur quite quickly. Once applied, DeepChill’s rapid, consistent cooling maintains seafood at peak quality for far longer than competing icing methods, improving product quality, operations, and overall business profitability.

Seafood Applications:
DeepChill is Used at Every Step of the Cold Chain
Overall DeepChill Benefits for Seafood
  • Cools 3x faster than other types of ice
  • Doubles shelf life
  • Ideal for High Value Product (Grade A sashimi quality)
  • Maintains both temperature and humidity (doesn’t dry out product)
  • Protects product from damage and maintains appearance
  • Greatly reduces bacterial growth

DeepChill fully coats and seals the product, protecting it from any airborne contaminants while preventing drying of the product and ensuring a shiny appearance. The small size and non-abrasive properties of the crystals allow DeepChill to support the product and prevent surface damage and spoilage. For certain types of product, this is an essential requirement. High value finfish and shellfish processors can significantly increase yields and grade by preventing marking and physical damage to their product.

Don't take our word for it, listen to real experiences from DeepChill advocates!

Dennis McCarthy of McCarthy Fisheries Ltd. shares their experience with Sunwell’s DeepChill System onboard their brand new vessel, Executioner. Among benefits McCathy Fisheries has experienced: rapid cooling of seafood upon catch, reduced manual labor, and extended fishing trips while preserving peak quality of the fish.

Jerry Bidgood, General Manager of Prince Edward Aqua Farms, shares their experience with Sunwell’s DeepChill System. This Mussel, Oyster and Clam grower uses DeepChill to preserve their products’ peak freshness throughout the chain of supply. Among the benefits they’ve seen: reduced labour costs, delivered top quality seafood to customers, reduced overpack and extended shelf life.