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Webinar: Challenges and advances in shrimp cooling and preservation

A joint Webinar by Sunwell and MYCOM/ Mayekawa Colombia

DeepChill® embarks on another journey into the South American shrimp and prawn market!

Earlier on June 24th, Sunwell held a joint webinar with MYCOM/Mayekawa Columbia with a focus on DeepChilling shrimp and prawns.

Shrimps and prawns are delicate creatures, which means using conventional cooling methods poses a number challenges including mechanical damages, especially during transport & storage, labor intensive icing process, and consistent temperature control from harvest through process. This is where DeepChill® comes in.

DeepChill® retain the quality and freshness of shrimp and prawns by immediate chilling and maintain a sub-zero temperature. DeepChill® acts as a protective cushion surrounding the shrimps and prawns that prevents mechanical damages, preserves its color and firmness, and improves yield.

Presented by Dr. Ming-Jian Wang of Sunwell and John Jairo Rojas Sabogal of Mayekawa Colombia, in this webinar we explored the DeepChilling solution for shrimp producers and answer participants’ questions.

For more information, head to https://www.sunwell.com/industries/seafood/shrimp/ and visit www.mayekawa.com/americas/es.

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