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Deepchill®’s Commitment to Sustainable Change

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In celebration of World Fisheries Day and World Environment Day, we’re highlighting how we have been doing our part in becoming more sustainable not only with our technology but also for our many clients around the world.

We know 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted worldwide every year.

Here at Deepchill®, we provide a cooling and preservation solution with the fastest cooling rate to keep food products fresher for longer. By keeping food products fresh with a longer shelf-life, our clients are able to reduce the amount of food wasted annually and feed more hungry stomachs around the world.

We are also conscious of the potential environmental impacts that refrigerants have on the earth.

In response, we’ve developed our slurry technology using a natural and environmentally friendly Deepchill® refrigerant. Helping many fisheries and farms in keeping seafood, produce, poultry, and more, chilled without harming the surrounding environment.

Not only are our Deepchill® systems non-polluting, but they are also 20% more energy-efficient to produce compared to industrial ice machines. This drastically reduces the operating costs for any process using Deepchill®.

Even though our Deepchill® systems require less energy to operate, this does not limit its capabilities. Our solutions are much more powerful than conventional cooling methods. We have a cooling rate that is 3x faster than flake ice and 5x faster than brine to keep your products fresh at peak condition.

It must be noted that the footprint of cooling systems is not only about the production of the ice. It is also concerning the storage and distribution process.

During storage and transportation, up to 10% of flake or crushed ice are lost daily due to meltage. Conventional ice storage requires additional energy and refrigeration to cool. This usually requires complicated rake systems and conveyors to distribute ice.

On the other hand, thermos-like Deepchill® storage tanks are fully insulated and designed for minimal heat losses as low as 1.5%. These passive storage tanks do not require external refrigeration. Deepchill® storage tanks only consumes power during delivery, which uses efficient pumps for distribution.

Not only is our Deepchill® slurry technology energy-efficient with effective cooling, but it also comes in a variety of forms adaptable to the specific needs of a wide range of applications.

With this adaptable solution, Deepchill® can provide an ideal cooling and preservation process to keep seafood, produce, poultry, and more, fresher for longer.

Our goal is to understand our impact, reduce our footprint, and focus on sustainability of Deepchill® solutions.

This is not just for our organization, but to help our clients develop an efficient and sustainable chilling process for their operation.

Together, we can protect our Earth and provide a better environment for everyone to live in.