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Sunwell is now Deepchill: Announcing our Rebranding

March 1st, 2022

As Sunwell steps into the next phase of growth, we are excited to announce our rebranding. Today, we are unveiling our new corporate brand and logo.

Deepchill® is the world’s premier cooling and preservation technology. Designed by Sunwell, our Deepchill® solutions have revolutionized cooling for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

Today, we are leveraging that success by elevating the Deepchill® brand to become our new corporate brand, replacing Sunwell. The Deepchill® brand now brings together our full suite of products and services under one banner with a singular focus: delivering cooling solutions to help your business succeed.

New Identity.

Our company has gone through a period of transformative research and development, focusing on taking our technology to the next level. We believe now is the time to refresh our brand to reflect our ambitious developments with a name that speaks of our solution’s true meaning and is deeply rooted in our company’s history.

In designing a new brand identity, our goal was to create an iconic, modern, and recognizable mark that reflects who we are and what we do. The new logo is inspired by fundamental shape of Deepchill® crystals, colors of the cold in nature, and the letters D and C.

Our mission remains the same.

“For 44 years we have continuously introduced disruptive technologies to the world, and we are looking forward to announcing our new product lines in the coming months,” said Vladimir Goldstein, company founder and President. He reiterated: “With our new brand and pioneering technology, we remain true to our mission: to deliver Deepchill® solutions that enhance product quality, improve sustainability and drive our clients’ business.”