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sunwell.com speaks more languages!

Hello  Привет  Hola   Hallo!

The new sunwell.com is now available in two new languages.

DeepChill® technology has been integrated into a variety of different industries all over the globe. We have been fortunate enough to implement and deploy projects in over 40 countries.

To make communicating with you easier, we’ve expanded our website languages to include both Chinese (Simplified) and Norwegian Bokmål translations.

Earlier this year, we announced that we refreshed our Sunwell and DeepChill® brands’ visual identity, which includes a new and refreshed look for our site design.

With the launch of the new site, we included English, Spanish and Russian to the language dropdown menu. Now that there’s Chinese and Norwegian translations, that’s 5 languages to help you navigate through our site in the language you are most well-versed in.

You can find these translations at the top right of the navigation bar under the language dropdown menu.