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Multi-Seasonal Deepchill® System for Red Fish and Crab

New Deepchill Generation and Storage System for Red Fish and Crab Banner

A brand new Deepchill® Generation and Storage installation set to be built on the Marc-Oliver—the newly built 90ft fishing vessel for Pêcheries Michel Turbide Inc. to cool and store red fish and crab.

Pêcheries Michel Turbide Inc. is a family-owned fishing company based in the Magdalen Islands, harvesting seafood in the gulf of St. Lawrence River. The new fishing vessel has been contracted to Chantier Naval shipyard of Quebec to build.

The new Deepchill® system features a unique setup to Deepchill® and store freshly caught fish in peak condition.

The refrigerated fish hold can store approximately 200 insulated bins of fish. During the crab season, the Deepchill® RSW is used in two live fish holds of 55 cubic meters to cool live crabs.

This project is one of the latest Deepchill® onboard installations in Canada. Similar units have previously been installed onboard vessels owned and operated by McCarthy’s Fisheries Ltd., Russell’s Fisheries, Quinlan Brothers and Ka’le Bay Seafoods.

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