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The Ultimate Deepchill® Experience: The SP – Series

Introducing the SP - Series

With space efficiency and performance as design fundamentals, our new SP-series Generators offer best in class Deepchill® generation capacity for almost any application.

Deepchill Solutions Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the slurry ice industry with a sharp focus on research and development. We are proud to launch our new SP – series Deepchill® Generators.

These units are compact and powerful, designed for situations where space is premium and performance and quality are paramount. They can generate 50% more Deepchill® per square foot of space compared to other models, each with a nominal capacity of 12 tons per day of DC100 (pure ice crystals).

The SP – Series Generators are also fully modular making expansion of your Deepchill® Plant simple and seamless. The units are compatible with a wide range of refrigerant types including Freon and Ammonia with condenser options to suit any application including both water- and air-cooled.

These units are designed to operate in a wide range of environments including fresh or salt water, on-board or on-land, hot or cold climates and large or small scales and our advanced protection package that includes remote monitoring, troubleshooting and system updates, enhances reliability of your operations.

The SP – Series Generators also include self-contained microprocessor controls in an all stainless steel enclosure with built-in sophisticated protection to guarantee stable operations in harsh environments under variable conditions.

Vladimir Goldstein, President and founder of Deepchill Solutions Inc., has this to say about the SP – Series:

“The key is integration. Not only understanding the application, but also how to integrate with any process or plant. This was the main driver behind our redesign philosophy. We’ve streamlined and simplified our modular units resulting in an unbelievably compact Deepchill® generation system that is uncomplicated, simple to use, and easy to maintain.”

Contact us today to learn how these powerful, compact, and reliable units can be integrated into your operations and deliver results.