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DeepChill® embarks the Atlantic Titan for a new quest!

Hill Enterprises Ltd. recently awarded Sunwell a new installation project for their Atlantic Titan fishing vessel. The vessel was recently  built in Vietnam and delivered to Canada. Atlantic Titan will be fishing for various species off the coast of Newfoundland. 

The new DeepChill® system will feature DeepChill® instead of flake ice to cool and store fish in bins. From sorting up until they are unloaded at the harbour, fish will be DeepChilled at optimum temperature to last longer and at a better quality.

The DeepChill® system is scheduled to be delivered and installed in Newfoundland in August. This project is one of the latest DeepChill® onboard installations in the region. Similar units have been previously installed onboard Executioner, owned and operated by McCarthy’s Fisheries and Russell’s Legacy of Russell’s Fisheries.

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