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An all-new sunwell.com is live!

The new sunwell.com is now up and running! One of our key objectives is to provide the best value to our clients and as part of our journey to achieve this objective, we have focused on improving every touch point with our clients and stakeholders. We celebrate the website launch as a key milestone in our journey.

In 2020, we refreshed our Sunwell and DeepChill® brands’ visual identity and the site’s design follows this new and refreshed look.

With this new website, we have taken steps to provide a seamless user experience and improve the way we connect and communicate with our site visitors. These steps include:

  • Categorized content in different ways for easier navigation
  • Better visual communication using images and multimedia
  • Featured new useful content such as insights and success stories

The new sunwell.com is launched in three languages of English, Spanish and Russian with more languages to be added soon. The site is fully responsive, so that users can enjoy similar experience across different devices and browser platforms.