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News & Events

Stay up to date on the latest developments at Deepchill Solutions Inc. and upcoming events that we are attending or hosting.

Deepchill® Webinars

How to cut your [drip] losses! Deepchilling: Introducing a better way to cook, chill, and freeze your crab and lobster. Join us for a free 30-minute webinar to get to know the Deepchill® Cook & Chill & Freeze process that…
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Webinar for Shrimp Producers

Without a perfectly designed temperature control and preservation process, delicate shrimp and prawn quickly deteriorate. With Deepchilling process you can create an unbroken cold chain for sashimi quality shrimp. Join us for a free 30-minutes webinar with our Deepchill® experts…
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Webinar for Fish Farmers and Processors

Without a perfectly designed cold chain, fish quickly deteriorates, and no matter how close your farm is to the market, “Farm Fresh” promise is hard to deliver. Deepchilling is a solution for keeping farmed fish fresher for longer. Join us…
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Webinar for Crab and Lobster Processors

During the cook & chill process, crab and lobster naturally loose their weight. Deepchilling is a better way to cook, chill, and freeze your crab and lobster, enabling you to cut the drip losses and gain more yield from your…
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