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The Deepchill® Ingrediator System – How it Works, Why Do You Need it?

Every baker will agree that temperature control of the dough is an important aspect of ensuring top-quality bakes. Whether it is artisan bread, sweet rolls & croissants, bagels or frozen dough products, achieving the right Final Dough Temperature (FDT) means cooling the dough to that precise optimal point for promoting good fermentation and dough development.

When dough temperature is not properly controlled, the dough will be stickier and the final product may end up with lighter crust color, thicker crust, lack of oven jump, more open cell structure and rough crumb structure.

Dough temperature is impacted by a variety of factors such as mixer energy (heat of friction), length of mixing, ingredients’ temperature, flour hydration and ambient temperature. Most commonly used solutions for dough temperature control are the use of chilled water and glycol cooling jackets for mixers.

To compensate for inefficiency of chilled water and cooling jackets especially in summer, bakers manually measure and add ice to the mixer. Ice can impact mixing parameters as it needs more time to melt and be dispersed uniformly throughout the dough.

Deepchill® IngrediatorTM system is comparable to none. For industrial bakeries, the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM offers cutting-edge, two-in-one technology that efficiently controls dough temperature while delivering key ingredients. This system can replace traditional cooling solutions, such as ice machines, water chillers, and mixer cooling jackets. Read on to learn more about how it works and how it can help your operation.

Understanding the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM and Its Many Benefits

The Deepchill® IngrediatorTM system is based on Deepchill revolutionary slurry ice technology that provides optimal cooling for better dough. Here are some of its key features:

  • Uniform dough cooling, which ensures better hydration of the flour and good quality dough.
  • The Deepchill® concentration is adaptable to your specific processes with the required temperature and ambient conditions. Better temperature control of the dough translates into better control of the dough’s rising rates and yeast growth.
  • The slurry ice is produced and stored in sealed, food-grade stainless steel components and distributed through a sealed, hygienic delivery system.
  • Due to its rapid cooling rates, the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM system can reduce your mixing times by up to 33%.

So what makes the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM system better than other traditional dough cooling or mixing solutions?

  • Deepchill® allows for flexible formulation. Mix a precise amount of the ingredients related to your specific recipes into homogenous and pumpable Deepchill®.
  • The system can deliver exact doses of Deepchill® to multiple mixers simultaneously, even if each mixer is running a different recipe.
  • The completely automated system features large HMI touchscreens at the point of production and use.
  • The simple controls and highly programmable features make it easy to input recipes and other selections for achieving consistent dough quality.
  • The system consumes 20% less energy and requires only 1/3rd or less space. Enjoy more energy efficiency and a smaller footprint compared to other types of ice equipment.

Get Optimal Dough Cooling with the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM System

At Deepchill® Solutions Inc., we specialize in dough cooling and mixing solutions that smoothly integrate into your operations. Our qualified and experienced professionals work with you closely to understand your business and design the Deepchill® system in various end-to-end configurations.

Take advantage of the Deepchill® IngrediatorTM system to achieve optimum temperature control, faster mixing time, greater operational efficiencies, and higher cost optimization. The flexible formula and fully programmable features can adapt to your specific operations and accelerate your business growth.

Get in touch with our team today. Call +1 (905) 856 – 0400 or email us at inquiries@deepchill.com to find out how we can help your bakery operation!