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Flake Ice vs. Deepchill Slurry for Shrimp Preservation, Processing and Transportation

As shrimp fisheries, harvesters, processors, or distributors, you are always looking for solutions that optimize your product quality and operations. Whether it is harvesting, storing, processing, packaging, or transporting, you try to find more efficient ways to maximize product quality and improve the reach and profitability of your business. Like all other seafood, shrimp preservation requires the right type of superchilling technology throughout your operational lifecycle. Conventional flake ice and chiller systems may be the most used method for chilling seafood. However, the Deepchill®slurry systems by Deepchill Solutions Inc. (previously Sunwell) offer advanced superchilling technology incomparable with conventional methods. Read on for more insights.

The Deepchill®Advantage for Superchilling Shrimp

Maintaining the temperature of the shrimp is one of the most critical aspects of retaining product quality at every step of the process. From the catching, handling, and onboard chilling, to the farm harvesting transportation and processing, you need a superchilling system that ensures a better-looking, higher quality product.

Although traditional flake ice has relatively good cooling capacity, they are labour intensive to apply, do not provide uniform product coverage and cannot preserve the product at sub-zero temperatures. The Deepchill® slurry system, on the other hand, delivers adaptive cooling and preservation processes. Its modern superchilling technology:

  • Allows shrimp and prawn fishermen to stay longer at sea or venture further on their trawlers by ensuring better preservation of their catch than flake ice.
  • Gives processors rapid chilling and a longer processing window without compromising on product quality.
  • Offers shrimp and prawn harvesters the ability to deliver a high-quality product to their consumers.


A comparative study in cooling rates between flake ice and Deepchill® shows that it took hours for the shrimp samples in flake ice to reach a temperature of 1°C, whereas Deepchill® took about 5 minutes to bring the product temperature down to 0°C. While flake ice leaves heat pockets in between shrimps, Deepchill®’s fluid form and superior cooling capabilities fully covers the product to speed up the cooling process significantly. The study also shows that product stored in Deepchill® slurry is better at retaining its firmness, colour, and brightness, and provides better resistance against black spots than when stored in flake ice.

Using Deepchill® for superchilling shrimp translates into:

  • Greatest temperature control: Deepchill® sub-cools shrimp and prawn to -1°C within minutes after harvest and helps maintain this temperature throughout the process to produce the highest quality product.
  • Improve yield: Use of Deepchill® to chill and store shrimp, or chilling thawed product before processing can improve product yield.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Completely closed Deepchill® systems that have no exposure to contaminants, plus minimal manual intervention improves hygiene during product handling, helping you achieve greater compliance with HACCP guidelines.
  • Improves Business Efficiencies: Greater automation and reduced ice handling leads to reduced labour costs, streamlined operations, and greater operational efficiencies.
  • Higher Profitability: Not only can you deliver a premium product to your end users, but you may be able to expand your reach and consumer base through better product preservation during transportation.


What processes can benefit from the use of Deepchill®?

As mentioned, Deepchill® can be used at various stages of the shrimp and prawn harvesting and processing operations:

  • Superchilling upon harvest
  • Chilled storage onboard or in a plant
  • Transportation from vessel or farm to a processing plant
  • Chilled storage before processing
  • Chilling after thawing
  • Chilling after cooking
  • Temperature control during processing and before freezing

Click here to watch a video on how Deepchill®slurry suspends shrimp and doesn’t leave any air or heat pockets. Once shrimp is chilled, excess water is drained, leaving shrimp in layers of Deepchill® crystals for a chilled storage effect.

Learn about application of Deepchill®at one of the largest prawn producers in the Middle East and see the results they have been able to achieve.


Use Deepchill® for Better Shrimp Preservation and Processing

At Deepchill Solutions Inc., we believe that selecting the right ice technology partner is a crucial decision for the shrimp industry. We have helped many shrimp fisheries, harvesters, and processors to make the difficult switch from traditional icing methods to the modern Deepchill® slurry ice system. Our experts can design a variety of end-to-end solutions, customized to your specific operations or delivery methods, and help you stay ahead of the competition.


For superior cooling and preservation systems that help you store, process, and deliver high quality shrimp, invest in Deepchill® systems. Call +1 905 856 0400 or email us at inquiries@deepchill.com.