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19 Reasons to Deepchill®!

Whether it is catching fish onboard fishing vessels, shipping produce to another continent or processing poultry, these operations need a cooling and preservation method that is adaptable to your processes keeping the products at the best quality shape, form, and taste.

Though there are many different methods to chilling seafood, produce and poultry, most conventional cooling methods come with after effects that impact the product’s quality. For example, flake ice can cut and bruise fish, which decreases the shelf-life. The uneven and un-uniform coverage of flake ice can also cause inaccurate temperature control, which will reduce the product quality and comes with a higher risk of contamination. Using RSW for cooling fish, though popular, is inefficient and cannot deliver sub-cooling. Knowing these risks and issues with conventional methods of cooling, it can be hard to choose the right preservation system.

That is why we recommend Deepchill®. Not only is Deepchill® slurry ice soft enough to form a uniform flow and a protective layer surrounding the product, but the cooling technology will give you the best results without sacrificing the quality or quantity.

Need other motives to get you started on using Deepchill®? Here are the top 19 reasons why your operations need Deepchill®:

Reason #1

Deepchill® technology rapidly chills your products to sub-zero temperature to retain that fresh taste.

Reason #2

With uniform chilling, Deepchill® technology greatly reduces bacterial growth for a lower spoilage rate and longer shelf-life.

Reason #3

Deepchill® slurry ice is cold yet soft, which acts as a layer to help protect and cushion the product from any damage.

Reason #4

Deepchill® technology maintains the temperature in the Deepchilling zone to retain the freshness, colour, firmness, and quality of your products.

Reason #5

The Deepchill® systems are completely automated to keep the perfect temperature levels.

Reason #6

Deepchill® systems are easy to operate and maintain.

Reason #7

Deepchill® reduces laborious ice handling, which will improve workplace ergonomics.

Reason #8

Increase your process throughput with faster and better cooling from Deepchill®.

Reason #9

Deepchill® makes the work environment safer for employees with eliminating manual ice handling.

Reason #10

Streamline your operations by integrating Deepchill® into your equipment and processes.

Reason #11

Deepchill® can reduce contamination risks as it is contained without exposure to any outside contaminants.

Reason #12

Deepchill® technology extends the processing window longer as it preserves products in perfect condition far longer.

Reason #13

Get more out of your operations with the rapid and efficient Deepchilling.

Reason #14

Deepchill® is an environmentally friendly system that helps to reduce your carbon footprint and ice consumption.

Reason #15

Get more out of your operation with Deepchill® as the system improves your product yield.

Reason #16

Earn that premium price with premium quality products efficiently chilled with Deepchill®.

Reason #17

Cut down your operational and labour costs with the Deepchill® automated system.

Reason #18

Deepchill® preservation system will enable you to reach new and farther markets.

Reason #19

Having trouble with drip losses? With Deepchill®, you can reduce drip losses from your seafood.

For more information on which Deepchill® solution is right for you, contact us at inquiries@deepchill.com. Deepchill Solutions Inc. will work closely with you to understand your business needs and develop a solution that will seamlessly integrate into your operations perfectly.