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Deepchill® Slurry Systems vs. Flake Ice Systems

As a business that is into seafood processing, produce packing, industrial baking, poultry or meat processing, you are heavily dependent on industrial or commercial ice making systems for product preservation. It goes without saying – selecting the right ice technology can help: 

  • Increase the yield, quality and shelf life of your product
  • Reduce your operational costs and increase business efficiencies
  • Expand your distribution reach, enable entry into new markets and boost your bottom line

While water chillers and flake or crushed ice systems are the most commonly used cooling and preservation methods, Deepchill® is a revolutionary slurry ice making technology that can adapt to a wide range of requirements and industries. Each Deepchill® system includes the slurry ice generator, as well as storage and distribution equipment. Deepchill® systems are modular and configurable and feature a range of options for environment-friendly refrigerants, condensers, and refrigeration packages.

Read on for a quick comparison of the Deepchill® slurry ice system versus traditional flake ice systems.


Key Differences Between Deepchill® Slurry Ice and Flake Ice Systems

  • Cooling rate: Deepchill® offers a rapid cooling rate that is 3 times faster than conventional ice. Deepchill® does not leave any air or heat pockets and chills your product quickly and uniformly. With flake ice, you will need longer cooling times and get lower cooling rates. What’s more, they can not match the cooling uniformity offered by Deepchill®.
  • Cooling temperature: Deepchill® superchills and maintains products at sub-zero temperature without freezing the product. Flake ice, however, cannot cool products below 0°C. Using sub-cooled flake ice (below -5°C) won’t help either as it will cause freezer burn. 
  • Product Protection: Flake ice features sharp-edged ice pieces that can damage the product, causing cuts, bruises, and bacteria growth. On the other hand, with Deepchill®, the tiny ice particles have no sharp or jagged edges. Deepchill® suspends and encapsulates the product, locking in moisture and preventing any damages.
  • Flexibility: Deepchill® adapts to your operation. You have the option to choose Deepchill® in an easy flowing liquid slurry form that promises the fastest cooling rates, thicker paste form that offers long-lasting protection for delicate products, or dry, free flowing crystals that are ideal for packing and shipping products. 
  • Product Storage: Deepchill® can store the product at sub-zero temperatures, it prevents air borne contamination, ensures damage free transportation, and prolongs the shelf life of your product. Flake ice maintains the product at about 1 to 2°C and requires larger quantities of ice due to less efficient coverage. Flake ice may also be prone to contamination and is not effective at preventing product dehydration.
  • Operational Efficiency: As a highly automated and advanced industrial slurry ice system, Deepchill® offers control and automation over the icing process, reduces manual labour, enhances consistency, and creates an extended storage window for your product. With flake ice, there is intensive labour involved in transporting and distributing the ice, which not only increases processing costs, but also leads to inconsistencies in quality due to manual handling. Adding automation requires expansive conveyer and blower systems that are expensive to maintain. The icing process with flake ice requires more time and takes longer to cool the product, which can create bottlenecks in the operations or transportation. 
  • System built and expandability: Deepchill® systems are modular and highly configurable. You can always start with a small system and add more modules as your business grows. Deepchill® Generators and storage tanks are built for heavy duty usage, all 316 stainless steel and corrosion free for use with seawater. Flake ice systems are not typically expandable, and commonly use 304 stainless steel build for contact surfaces.

Get the Deepchill® Advantage for your Business

At Deepchill Solutions Inc. (previously Sunwell), we believe that the Deepchill® industrial slurry ice systems offer unparalleled versatility and adaptability that can help your business stay ahead of the curve. Choose from pre-configured options with plug-and-play installations or ask for layouts that adapt to your space. Whether you need mixing storage-based systems, storage silo-based systems or in-line systems, our experts can build a range of flexible solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operations and maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Check out how Deepchill® solutions have created success stories for a variety of businesses across the globe.

Call +1 905 856 0400 or email us at inquiries@deepchill.com to learn more about the Deepchill® industrial slurry systems.