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Deepchill® Onboard Systems for Pelagic Fish

Pelagic fish inhabit sunlit water down to a depth of about 655 feet. They are typically found along the continental shelves and include many types of fish such as sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring, saury, bonito and mahi mahi. These fish can deteriorate quickly upon harvest, and crews must work fast to chill and keep them cold.

Keeping these delicate fish fresh poses a constant challenge onboard purse seiners and trawlers. But fishermen can count on Deepchill® for onboard chilling needs.

Advantages of Deepchill
® for Onboard Chilling

Deepchill Onboard systems preserve the fish whether they are delivered ashore, processed or unprocessed. More fishing companies and operators are choosing Deepchill® slurry ice systems because they work more efficiently than traditional chilling methods, such as refrigerated seawater (RSW) systems. 


Importance of Onboard Chilling for Pelagic Fish

Wetfish vessels that remain at sea for more than a couple of days can significantly benefit from Deepchill® superchilling. 

Pelagic fish are incredibly sensitive and begin to deteriorate as soon as fishermen pull in the nets. Since many pelagic fish are small, protecting them is even more important. Let our team help you find the best superchilling solution for your pelagic fishing operations.


Applying Deepchill® to Pelagic Fish 

Deepchill® can be applied in any chilling or storage tanks, such as fish holding tanks of various sizes or large tubs and containers. Deepchill® is simply pumped into the holding tank to quickly and efficiently chill the catch. Fish will remain in Deepchill® for the remainder of the trip or before processing onboard.

Deepchill® provides similar operational advantages to RSW such as ease of pumping and distribution. Simply put, Deepchill® flows like water but cools better than ice! 

The difference is, however, in the cooling power. Deepchill has a cooling rate of 3-5 times higher than chilled brine. While Deepchill® rapidly superchills pelagics, fish temperature in RSW can hardly reach close to 0°C or even 1°C. 

To compensate this low cooling power, RSW systems run continuously to recirculate chilled water through the fish holds. This results in damage to the surface of the fish, as well as higher power consumption and lower energy efficiency compared to a Deepchill® system.

In contrast, Deepchill® temperature remains constant at about -2°C without any recirculation or top up. It continues chilling the fish until it reaches sub-zero temperatures without freezing them. 

To learn more about Deepchill® and RSW system differences read here.


Key Benefits for Deepchilling Pelagic fish

The primary reasons for Deepchilling pelagic fish onboard include: 

  • Extend the shelf life of fish
  • Superchill large catches quickly, uniformly and efficiently
  • Maintain pelagic fish at ideal superchilled temperatures of-1° C to 0° C
  • Preserve fish skin and colour without any damages
  • Remain at sea longer without risk of spoilage


Call +1 905 856 0400 or email us at inquiries@deepchill.com to discuss your onboard superchilling needs. Deepchill® industrial slurry ice systems can keep your pelagic fish in highest possible quality.