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DeepChill® suspends and uniformly covers each individual shrimp. This full coverage increases heat transfer rate and cooling shrimp 3 times faster than conventional cooling method. Shrimp at 24ºC can be uniformly chilled to -1ºC in less than 5 minutes. The shrimp is maintained at an even temperature throughout the entire batch for consistent quality. Once excess water is drained, shrimp is packed with snow-like DeepChill® crystals and preserved in best condition before processing.

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The DeepChill® difference

Higher quality, better yield, even more efficient operations – every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. DeepChilling is a highly advanced preservation process that can help you improve your shrimp production and make the most of your business.


Fast, uniform cooling

Cool your product 3 times faster. Shrimp at 24–28ºC can be uniformly chilled to -1ºC in less than 5 minutes. The shrimp is maintained at an even temperature throughout your entire batch for consistent quality.


Highest quality

Used in either slush or dry form, DeepChill® suspends shrimp and protects it from being squeezed or crushed under pressure. It also preserves the appearance, color and firmness, and reduces bacterial growth, resulting in the highest quality head-on shrimp.


Streamlined operation

DeepChill® helps you simplify and speed up the harvesting and processing operation, greatly reducing labor and cutting unnecessary steps such as pre-chilling, chemical treatment, or moving ice in the facility.


Less ice consumption

The efficient cooling of DeepChill® lets you cut the ice consumption required at harvest or processing by 30% or more. It eliminates the need to constantly replenish melted ice or break up clumped ice, saving time and money.

Success story

Improving production through better cooling

See how Sunwell’s DeepChill® system helped NAQUA increase production of its top-quality shrimp to meet the demand of high-value markets.

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Maintain freshness in the cold chain

DeepChill® fits easily into your operation and allows you to maintain the best condition of your shrimp through every stage of the cold chain: from cooling after harvesting to before or after processing, right through to freezing.

1. Harvest

Live shrimp is uniformly chilled to <0°C in 5 minutes to quickly stop deterioration while also reducing labour and handling.


2. Transport

Shrimp is suspended in DeepChill® or embedded in DeepChill® crystals. This prevents damage and maintains uniform cooling through whole batch, ensuring shrimp arrives in the best condition.


3. Reception

Shrimp is temporarily stored in DeepChill® until processing — this extends the processing window and enables better handling of peaks without loss of quality.


4. Sort

Shrimp is sorted and returned to DeepChill® maintained at -1°C to -1.5°C. Additives, if needed, can be added directly to these bins for a more efficient process.


5. Raw Process Line

DeepChill® is automatically pumped where needed, simplifying process and reducing laborious tasks. Shrimp on the process line is completely submerged in DeepChill® maintaining sub-zero temperatures.


6. Freezer

Improved freezing capacity and efficiency since shrimp is now prechilled to 0°C before entering freezer, resulting in higher quality shrimp and less shrinkage


5. Cook and Chill

Cooked shrimp is instantly cooled in DeepChill® to prevent overcooking, bacteria growth and weight loss.


DeepChill® vs. Flake Ice

Shrimp is subject to rapid spoilage. Unfortunately, it cannot be undone once it begins. Although it’s impossible to completely stop decay, rapid chilling to sub-zero temperatures significantly slows it down.

A comparative study of cooling rates shows that shrimp (Pandalus Borealis) cooled in traditional flake ice and water did not reach 0ºC even after 18 hours. By contrast, shrimp cooled in DeepChill® was cooled to a consistent -2ºC in less than 5 minutes


Source: Independent study by The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

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DeepChilling Shrimp

In collaboration with The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Sunwell has conducted research to study the effects of DeepChilling on shrimp in comparison with other cooling and preservation methods. This report reviews results from a few research studies and presents the implications for the shrimp industry.


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