Optimal cooling for better dough.

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The Deepchill® difference

The revolutionary Deepchill® slurry ice provides rapid and uniform cooling for your dough — resulting in a better quality dough, faster mixing and operational efficiencies.


Improved dough quality

Deepchill® provides immediate and uniform dough cooling, which ensures effective hydration of flour and consistent dough formation resulting in a uniform and elastic dough.


Food-grade hygiene

Deepchill® is produced and stored in a closed environment and distributed through a sealed delivery system, without exposure to any outside contaminants.


Reduced mixing times

With 3 times the cooling rate of conventional ice, Deepchill® can reduce dough mixing time up to 33%. Unlike ice cubes, the liquid Deepchill® is easily and rapidly mixed throughout the dough.


Optimal temperature control

Deepchill® temperature and crystal concentration are adjustable, providing optimal control of dough temperature during the mixing process, and resulting in better control of yeast growth and dough rising rates.

The innovative Deepchill® Ingrediator is a 2-in-1 technology: it provides the most efficient method for dough temperature control as well as mixing its key ingredients to formulate the cooling agent. This cutting-edge technology can replace the need for water chillers, mixer cooling jackets and ice machines.

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The Deepchill® Ingrediator


Flexible formulation

Deepchill® can be formulated with precise amounts of ingredients (water, salt and sugar) in the dough recipes, providing efficiency and consistency.



The Ingrediator automatically delivers precise doses of Deepchill® to multiple mixers at the same time. This can be done even if each mixer has a different recipe.


Full automation

The Ingrediator is highly programmable, enabling a full automation of Deepchill® production and dosed delivery. Monitoring is done via large HMI touch screens at points of production and use.


Lower energy costs

Deepchill® Systems are energy efficient. The generators consume at least 20% less energy while requiring only 1/3 or less space, compared to other types of ice equipment.