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Cook and Chill Crab and Lobster Using Deepchill®

If you are in the lobster and crab business, you can benefit from the rapid cooling capability of a Deepchill® slurry ice system. Chilling cooked products quickly is essential to prevent weight loss and lock in colour and flavour. We have put our system to the test to discover if Deepchilled crab and lobster produced superior results.

Here’s what we found:

  • Deepchill® improved colour retention, meat texture, and taste.
  • The faster cooling process prevented overcooking.
  • Rapid cooling cut the natural weight loss to half
  • Because the crab and lobster froze quickly, the meat did not dehydrate or shrink, resulting in higher yields.

Advantages of Deepchill® for Crab and Lobster Production

In the food processing business, pennies count, and so do ounces and pounds! Conventional cooked product cooling methods such as air cooling, chilled water, water and ice mixtures, can never match the results delivered by Deepchilling. Here are some ways Deepchill® can revolutionize your preparation and packaging processes.

  • Rapid chilling. Deepchill® is an unmatched medium when it comes to chilling each batch of cooked products quickly. Cooked crab reaches the target temperature in 10 minutes, much faster than chilled water. Plus, there’s no time for salt intake.
  • Eliminate overcooking. It’s easy to overcook crab and lobster with chilling processes that are too slow. Deepchill® removes heat instantly, improving product quality and consistency.
  • Hygienic handling. Deepchill® produces ice slurry in a closed system and sealed piping locks out contaminants for more hygienic conditions.
  • Increase product yield. Deepchilling cooked crab or lobster reduces dehydration, cutting weight loss by 50% and therefore increases this highly valuable product’s yield. This can translate to thousands of dollars in earnings!

How It Works

Experience the benefits of using Deepchill® for your cooked lobster and crab processing and packaging. As you know, every advantage counts in the competitive food industry. When you choose Deepchill®, you will achieve more efficient operations, greater capacity, and higher quality food. Let us help you deliver the best pre-cooked crab and lobster possible.

Here’s how you can integrate Deepchill® into your prepared seafood products:

  1. Cook the whole or butchered crab or lobster (batch or continuous operations).
  2. The cooked seafood emerges into chilling tanks, either batch or conveyor based tanks, where Deepchill® is dispersed to quickly chill the crab and lobster. Deepchill can be integrated into existing tanks and processes to significantly improve the operation.
  3. In just a few minutes, Deepchilled shellfish moves on, ready for extraction. Deepchilling makes it easy to remove the meat from the shells.
  4. For freezing applications, Deepchill® improves efficiency by pre-chilling the product, reducing energy expenses and keeping the crab and lobster fresh.
  5. The product is ready for packaging and distribution.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the taste. For fresher, plumper, and tastier crab and lobster meat, DeepChilling is the way to go. Are you curious about other industries that have improved their product quality with our help? We invite you to browse through our customer success stories to see the impact Deepchill® technology can make!


Call +1 905 856 0400 or email us at inquiries@sunwell.com to discuss how Deepchill® industrial slurry ice systems can change how you process and package your crab and lobster.