About Sunwell

Sunwell is the leading global provider of advanced food preservation and cooling technology to industry leaders in over 40 countries, with DeepChill systems having logged more hours worldwide than any other competing ice slurry chilling system.

At a Glance:
  • Invented DeepChill ice slurry technology in 1976
  • Sunwell founded in 1978
  • Over 25 global patents in the field of ice slurry
  • Over 400 systems delivered
  • Head office near Toronto, Canada

Sunwell’s years of experience gives us an in-depth understanding of each of our customer’s diverse applications. Flexible technology is used to integrate DeepChill ice slurry throughout your entire preservation cycle, improving your preservation results and bottom line. With numerous patents worldwide and millions of dollars invested yearly in research and development, Sunwell delivers fully integrated customized systems and solutions for your cooling and preservation needs. Our DeepChill systems significantly increases your yields, double shelf life and reduce your operating costs while helping you deliver only the highest quality products.

Sunwell has operating facilities in both Woodbridge (Toronto), Canada and in Osaka, Japan through Sunwell Japan Corporation.

Current Users of Sunwell's DeepChill Systems include:
  • Fishing vessels (shrimp boats, seiners, trawlers and longliners)
  • Fish and seafood processing plants and markets
  • High value seafood industries (eg. sashimi grade tuna)
  • Fresh produce growers & packers
  • Construction industries for TES (thermal energy storage) for building cooling
  • Public utilities (ice pigging)
  • Penguin habitats for zoos
  • Indirect cooling technologies for cold chain maintenance
Company Direction:

Today, Sunwell is proud to be the originator of ice slurry systems but knows that to remain ahead, continuous advancements in technologies and solutions are required.

Our Promise:

The Sunwell team will support you in choosing the right DeepChill system, efficiently integrating it into your operation, and ensuring your system provides years of reliable service.

Customer Service at Sunwell:

Sunwell’s Service Department has two goals: to get your DeepChill system up and running, and to help you keep it running optimally. With remote monitoring, robust service contracts, and a 24/7 service hotline, Sunwell is committed to ensuring that your DeepChill system is performing to your satisfaction, and that your product will never be left to spoil.

Upcoming Events:

To see a list of events Sunwell will be present at or hosting, please visit our Upcoming Events page.