DeepChill for Cooked Lobster

As more people look to ready-made products, food processors need to provide high quality pre-cooked meals. The cooked food must be cooled down very rapidly to prevent deterioration of quality from over-cooking.

Cooling cooked products such as lobster presents a unique challenge. Because the temperature of the cooked lobster is so high, and because over-cooking can happen so quickly, processors need a medium that can immediately remove the heat to ensure the highest product quality possible. If lobster isn’t chilled fast enough, it loses as much as 12% of its weight. Rapid chilling after it’s cooked prevents this weight loss.


DeepChill’s cooling rate is unparalleled, making it an ideal medium for the cooling of cooked lobster. Not only is its cooling efficiency very high, but the heat transfer or cooling rate would be 3-7 times higher than water, instantly stopping the cooking process and preventing loss of quality from over-cooking. As well, because of its ability to cool product so quickly, DeepChill can increase the capacity of the production line, optimizing operations.

Project Profile: Cooling Cooked Lobster, Australia


One of the largest marine corporations in Australia was looking for a way to quickly cool down their lobster after it was cooked. Quality is a key factor as they supply both cooked and uncooked high quality frozen lobster to Japan and other demanding markets around the globe.


A DeepChill system was integrated into their operations, pumping DeepChill ice slurry into vats next to the super boilers. Lobsters are cooked to a temperature of 55°C in wire baskets that are placed in the super boilers. Once fully-cooked, the baskets of lobster are removed from the super boiler and immediately submerged in large steel vats containing DeepChill.


The DeepChill in the vats stop the cooking process instantly on contact, reducing the lobster from 55°C to 4°C in 8 minutes, resulting in a very high quality product.