A Better Cooling Solution

DeepChill ice slurry systems are like no other chilling technology. Our patented process generates billions of pearl-like micro-crystals in salt- or freshwater and delivers them in ice slurry form to evenly coat the entire surface of your product. Because of its high heat transfer rate, DeepChill is able to rapidly cool product and maintain peak freshness far longer than any other icing system.

Ideal Applications
  • Fishing vessels (shrimp boats, seiners, trawlers and longliners)
  • Fish and seafood processing plants and markets
  • High value seafood industries (eg. sashimi grade tuna)
  • Fresh produce growers & packers
  • Public utilities (ice pigging)
  • Zoo & animal display habitats
  • Indirect cooling technologies for cold chain maintenance

High-end food producers and processors use DeepChill systems in more than 35 countries worldwide to achieve results unattainable with conventional ice. DeepChill’s unique properties maintain peak product quality, significantly increase yield, improve shelf life, and reduce operating costs. And because DeepChill systems are closed systems, they can enable better HACCP compliance for your operations.

The DeepChill Advantage

DeepChill preserves peak product freshness for longer. This is due to the fact that DeepChill crystals are extremely small, smooth and perfectly round, meaning that they get into every nook and cranny of the product to be chilled. This results in the fastest possible heat transfer, cooling product immediately and uniformly, and preventing potentially damaging bacterial formation, enzyme reactions and discolouration. Tests have shown that DeepChill slurry removes heat from fish, shrimp, vegetable produce and poultry at significantly higher rates than other forms of ice, which often freeze into clumps or leave air pockets resulting in inconsistent product coverage.

Ice slurry for fish preservation
Benefits of DeepChill
  • Rapid cooling
  • Uniform product cooling – no “heat pockets”
  • Product maintained at cooler temperature
  • Flexibility in ice forms – from very liquid slurry to only crystals
  • Product stays fresher longer
  • Pumpable – deliver to any desired location

DeepChill won’t damage delicate food products, nor will it dry it out – it works to maintain the product’s moisture, while also keeping out heat and bacteria. In addition to its unique shape, DeepChill can be delivered in many forms, from dry DeepChill crystals to a thick “slush” containing a moderate ice content to a very liquid solution with a virtually undetectable ice concentration. As a result, DeepChill provides cooling that is rapid, uniform, and can be maintained for longer periods of time compared to traditional icing methods.

DeepChill systems facilitate compliance with strict HACCP hygiene standards while increasing product yields and increasing industry competitiveness. The slurry is distributed through an automated piping system, so it is always maintained in a completely sealed environment and never exposed to any outside contaminants. The benefits of DeepChill’s ability to be pumped to any desired location don’t just improve safety standard compliance – they also help to make operations more efficient and reduce the labour involved. Processors and producers no longer have to move ice around with bins and shovels, automating a highly manual process and cutting associated costs.

DeepChill System Benefits
  • Increased productivity
  • Hygienic environment – closed system
  • Cost effective – reduced operating costs (labour, energy, etc.)
  • Direct sea water use
  • Eliminates extra equipment
  • Energy-efficient
  • Systems are modular for tight fits and future expansion
Applications & Industries

DeepChill is a versatile cooling medium that Sunwell has been applying to numerous industries since it was founded in 1978. Alongside the innovations made to the seafood and produce industries, DeepChill systems have helped provide advanced solutions for the cleaning of pipes through ice pigging, penguin habitats for zoos, poultry and meat processing, dough-cooling in bakeries, and indirect cooling technologies for cold chain maintenance.

3-Step DeepChill Systems

DeepChill systems take a three-step approach – generation (step 1), storage/mixing (step 2), and delivery (step 3). The first step is generation. DeepChill crystals are continuously formed in a solution in the ice generators. Stage two of the process is storage/mixing. From the ice generators, the micro-crystals are pumped into either a storage silo or a mix tank. In a storage silo, DeepChill accumulates at the top where a harvester pushes the crystals through a chute for delivery. In a mix tank, large augers continuously mix the crystals with water to create pumpable DeepChill slurry. In the third and final stage, DeepChill is delivered to the desired delivery point(s) in the process, and is customized to the client’s operation.

Standard DeepChill System Configurations

There are several standard configurations of DeepChill systems designed for onboard and land based applications that come in wide range of capacities. Of the systems installed for our clients, the smallest systems deliver 4-6 equivalent metric tons of ice per day, while the largest systems can deliver 96 equivalent metric tons per day. Sunwell systems are modular and scalable, meaning that any capacity between 4 and 96 tons per day can be easily accommodated. Custom engineered systems can also be designed for unique large-scale cooling solutions.

Onboard / Small Systems

  • Small, modular equipment for tight spaces and future expansion
  • Direct seawater use
  • Simple maintenance of the self-contained modular units
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Easy to relocate if necessary
  • Ability to store and pump ice slurry with as much as 60% ice fraction

Skid Mounted Systems

  • Convenient for system operation
  • Easily serviced
  • Expandable
  • Simple, low-cost installation
  • Can be installed in existing facilities
  • Easy to relocate if necessary

Containerized Systems

  • Located outside facility – does not take up room in facility
  • Easy to relocate if necessary
  • Expandable
  • Easy, low-cost installation

Mobile Systems

  • DeepChill generation, storage and delivery wherever needed
  • Ideal for ice pigging applications
  • Supplies DeepChill to numerous plants & harvesting sites
  • Remote monitoring regardless of job-site location